Ecology & well-being

The Park Kraków provides over 3 ha of traffic-free zone which is arranged with lots of greenery, water elements and natural materials. The whole space between the buildings of the project has been designed for both leisure and outdoor work purposes. Everything was created according to the principles of biophilic design based on bringing nature back to human’s environment, which is fundamental from health and well-being perspective.

Outdoor chill out zones

Greenery enhancing biodivercity

High energy efficiency of the buildings

Outdoor drinking water fountains

Design solutions in The Park Kraków include among others the use of Building Management System, energy-saving elevators, LED lighting and optimization of water consumption – by using low-water consumption fixtures, rainwater for watering the greenery or installation of outdoor drinking water fountains in order to reduce plastic consumption. The project also includes shelters for birds, hedgehogs and insects.

An ecological approach, energy-saving solutions, as well as materials and construction of the buildings, were confirmed by the BREEAM certificate at the EXCELLENT level.