4F is the first tenant in The Park Kraków

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Published: March 15, 2022

4F is the first tenant in The Park Kraków

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The latest office investment of White Star Real Estate and Cain International – The Park Kraków, has a new tenant. The owner of the 4F brand – OTCF – will move into the first of 8 buildings planned in Krakow’s Podgórze district. The concluded contract concerns over 7 thousand m2, which means that the new tenant will occupy over 70 percent. of office space available in building 1. This is the second largest transaction on the office market in the capital of Małopolska in 2021.

The new tenant will move into the building later this year. It will occupy four floors (from 2 to 5), out of the six above-ground storeys of the building. In the new office, it will have as many as 4 terraces at its disposal, including one with an area of ​​150 m2 with a view of the Zalew Bagry. The investment at 25 Saska Street will be the largest office project in the capital of Małopolska so far. The project assumes that on each floor of the office building there will be approx. 240 workstations, which in total gives 9.6 thousand. places for office workers in the entire complex.

The building will have a lunch bar, gym, grocery store and electric car charging stations. Cyclists have not been forgotten, there will be bicycle stands, changing rooms and showers prepared for them. A special application has also been prepared for tenants, which will facilitate the use of all the functions of the facility. Ultimately, the entire complex will include new services and functionalities. For example, in building no. 2, the implementation of which began this year, a kindergarten and a cafe are planned.

“Cooperation with strong brands such as 4F, which trusted our vision, confirms that our strategy for creating office projects meets the needs of demanding tenants. The Park Kraków project is not only high-class office space, but also a number of amenities for employees. When creating the office campus, we wanted the complex not only to be good to work with, but also to be a space that encourages recreation and spending free time in this place. Ultimately, out of the 5 hectares of the project area, 3 of them will be green areas, excluded from car traffic” – says Bartosz Prytuła, Managing Partner w White Star Real Estate

The Park Kraków is the new address of OTCF. We decided to change our location in Małopolska and centralize our existing offices in Wieliczka and Krakow to operate more efficiently. The Krakow complex also gives us comfort with further expansion and the needs of new office space, which is important for such a dynamic development of the company – emphasizes Tomasz Wątor, Administration Project Manager, OTCF

 The employees of the offices in Wieliczka and Krakow participated in the selection of the new location.  

„Ecological issues were also a very important criterion for us, which this location perfectly meets. This is consistent with our development strategy, in which we focus on sustainable development and a circular economy. The use of rainwater for watering greenery allows to reduce its consumption, and thanks to photovoltaic panels the share of green energy in the project is increased. In the office architecture, we will also find greenery – there will be a lot of natural vegetation and vivid green walls. I am convinced that the professionalism and experience of White Star Real Estate guarantee every detail of the office and will make employees use it with pleasure” – adds Tomasz Wątor.  

 „Signing a contract with such an important tenant is a milestone in the realization of our ambitions related to The Park Kraków, as well as confirmation of our vision of providing a unique workplace, with a strong emphasis on sustainable development. We look forward to working with White Star Real Estate in the coming months and years.”Richard Pilkington, Senior Managing Director, Head of European Real Estate w Cain International

OTCF is the owner of a global brand of sports clothing and accessories – 4F. Additionally the company’s portfolio includes brands such as Outhorn, the multibrand store Sportstylestory.com, 4F Fuel – dietary supplements and functional food, the company is the exclusive distributor of Under Armor. OTCF is growing dynamically and is present in 40 countries. Since 2008, the company has been cooperating with the Polish Olympic Committee. This year, 8 Olympic teams and 3 Paralympic committees appeared in 4F uniforms at the Beijing Olympics. Brand ambassadors include Kamil Stoch, Anna and Robert Lewandowscy.